Students in The US launch a Boat and Ends Up in a Diffrent Country


USA and Norway. Relations between two countries. Conceptual image.

US Students launched a Boat but it Ends Up in Different Country. 

Middle schoolers from New Hampshire launched a boat in October 2020 that was found by a student in Norway. 

In the boat the students place photos ,leaves, acorns and state quarters. They also had placed a tracking device on the boat. 

“When you’re sending it out, you have no idea where it’s going to end up, how it’s going to get there, if it ends up (anywhere) at all,” said Cassie Stymiest, executive director of Educational Passages, a Maine nonprofit that began working with the school on the project in 2018. “But these kids, they put their hopes and dreams and wishes into it, and I tend to think sometimes that helps.”

After they placed the tracker and launched a boat they dealt with the retirement of their teacher, Shelia Adams. The tracker ended up going quiet but it came back online during hurricane season.

“I was surprised the boat actually made it somewhere,” seventh grader Molly Flynn said. “I thought it was going to get stuck in some middle spot (on the map) and it actually made it, and it was really, really cool and surprising.”

The boat lost its hull and heel but the deck and cargo were still intact with no damage. The student who found the boat brought it to their school and they will be calling the students at the middle school soon. 

“Its so cool that it made it to a totally different country ,”says Joey.