Grand Theft? No, They’re Bees!


Bees usually aren’t something the average person would steal, but they are now!


Reports say nearly 60,000 bees have been stolen since January 29th, from a grocery store company’s field in Pennsylvania. 


The community’s impact manager, Jessica Groves, claimed that the bees were helping to sustain a local food chain that is currently suffering from a declining bee population.


Groves says, “We are extremely disappointed that this happened and are continuing to cooperate with the Middlesex Township Police Department.” 


In 2021, beekeepers of the area reported a loss of 41% of their population, which was less than the national average loss of bees. 


A local conservationist says, “We are glad that bee populations’ decreases are slowing down, but this is really taking a toll on our food production and ecosystems.”


The nationwide loss of bees is greatly impacting our agricultural industries, because plants rely on pollination to grow. Approximately one-third of the United States’ food production relies on bees to pollinate the plants. 


“The stolen bees are most likely going to aid in the diminishing of our bee population. It’s truly disappointing,” says one of my classmates.