Russian Security Guard ‘Pen’t Up


Security guards can be pretty boring, but not this one. 


On December 7th the inside of a Russian Art Gallery wasn’t expecting what eventually happened. A security guard working for a private company had vandalized the painting “Three Figures” by Anna Leporskaya, and from drawing small eyes on the faceless people with a ballpoint pen. 


It was not dramatic. The guy used his ball pen,” claimed Mr. Drozdov, the executive director of the gallery, who had caught the perpetrator on camera. The film revealed the guard who vandalized the painting to be Alexander Vasilyev, someone who said that teenagers had made him do the deed.


The painting was expensive, and charges are being pressed against Alexander Vasilyev because of his actions. It was insured with around 74.9 million rubles, which in the American dollar is around one million. The charges against the security guard who drew on the painting are enough to put him into prison for three months.