Brody was a lost dog, but he was found 600 miles away.


A french Bulldog named Brody went missing.  Brody’s owner Debbie Campbell lives in California Bay Area and her dog ended up in Mexico.  He was missing for a couple weeks and she shared it on social media.  

“A French bulldog that went missing from his family’s home in California’s Bay Area was found four weeks later after being purchased by a man 600 miles away in Mexico.  Despite searches of the area and photos posted by her family to social media, weeks passed without any news of her lost pet,” says Ben Hooper. 

A man named Benjamin Gonzalez thought the dog he recently bought looked like Brody so he reached out to her.  He sent a picture of the tattoo id and it was Debbie’s missing dog.  Benjamin was deported 2 years ago, but he was from the Bay Area.  Neither of them know how Brody ended up being in Mexico. 

Campbell said she was shocked to receive a phone call last week from Benjamin Gonzalez, a man who said he bought a dog matching Brody’s description.  Gonzalez said family members who live in the Bay Area told him the dog he purchased looked like photos of a lost dog they had seen on social media.  Gonzalez sent Campbell a photo of Brody’s identifying tattoo, confirming the canine’s identity.  Gonzalez, 37, said he had lived in the Bay Area since he was a baby, but was deported from the United States two years ago and has lived alone in Tijuana ever since,” says Ben Hooper.