Friends who have attended every super bowl plan final trip


Friends who have attended every super bowl plan their final trip but will never forget memories. 

Three friends, Tom Henschel, Gregory Eaton, and Don Crismon have attended every super bowl and plan their last trip on going. 

They had a lot of good memories. “Three friends who have attended every Super Bowl are hoping for a memorable contest this year, because it will probably be their final trip to the big game as a group.” 

They are elders and they are meeting one more time. “The three men are all in their 80s and have attended every game since the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game was held 55 years ago about 7 miles (11 kilometers) from this year’s venue, SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. They are meeting at the game once again this year, but future meetings are in question.” 

Don Crisman is the eldest of the group. Gregory Eaton wants to keep attending but says his health concerns could be a problem. “Don Crisman, a Maine resident and the eldest of the group at 85, said this is his last game. Gregory Eaton, 82, of Michigan, wants to keep attending but said his health concerns could get in the way. Even Tom Henschel, a football fanatic who spends the cold months in Florida, said Super Bowl LX in 2026 figures to be his last.”