Man Fights to Keep his Potbellied Pig

Man Fights to Keep his Potbellied Pig

Man is attached to his pet pig but has to fight to keep his pet.


Wyvern Flatt lives in Canajoharie, NY with his potbelly big Ellie. Flatt loves his pig with his whole heart but is being threatened to get his pig taken away.


Officials in his upstate village of Canajoharie see it very differently. To them, the pig is a farm animal Flatt is harboring in the village illegally,” says Michael Hill.


Flatt has taken care of Ellie since she was a baby and has been his emotional support partner through everything he has been through.


“The 110-pound pig is “family,” Flatt says, an emotional support animal who helped him through a divorce and the death of his mother,” says Michael Hill.


Whether if Flatt should be allowed to keep Ellie or if he needs to give her away is a very controversial topic.


“The case could soon be headed to a criminal trial. But it has already caught the attention of pig partisans who believe the animals should be respected more as companions instead of just a food source,” says Michael Hill.