Sandy Hook Families get a $75 million settlement with gun maker Remington


Families of the Sandy Hook School Shooting get a $75 million settlement with gun maker Remington. 

Almost ten years after the Sandy Hook shooting the families of nine of the victims finally  agreed on a settlement from the makers of the rifle that was used in the attack. 

“When the Sandy Hook families came to see us, it was about nine years ago, and it was in the aftermath of shattering loss, and they were stunned, and they didn’t know what to do or where to go,” plaintiffs’ attorney Joshua Koskoff said during a Tuesday press conference. “But they…had the energy and drive and motivation to do one thing, and that was to do whatever they could so that other families…would not have to go through the kind of pain and loss that they had.”

The families sued the makers of the rifle in 2015. Saying that they should not be allowed to sell these dangerous weapons to people in the public. 

“When it came to the military looking for the best weapon, the most lethal weapon, the most destructive weapon, and the weapon that could provide our soldiers, should they be forced to shoot and kill the enemies of our country and our freedom, they chose the AR-15,” he said during the press conference. “The greatest military in the world…chose the AR-15,”says Koskoff.

The court case concentrated on the gun the 20 year old shooter used to murder 20 children and 6 adults.Him having  access to his mother’s weapons was recipe for mass murder.

“The gun has a role here, but there was a chilling part to what we learned about this, and that was about greed. I had thought the case was really about the gun, but it’s just as much about greed,” Koskoff said Tuesday, adding that there was only a small market of safe AR-15 owners “for about 40 years” before Remington was “taken over by” private equity firm Cerberus and began to market the gun.

For the future of these families life will never be the same as their families have been changed forever. Hopefully with this they can finally beginning to find some closer.