Tensions in Ukraine Continue to Increase


Conflict in Ukraine is escalating and de-escalating, recently a cyberattack was launched on Ukraine by potential Russian Hackers, and Russian troops were pulled back to base.

A cyberattack was set in motion against Ukraine today. The attack targeted banks and was able to shut down access to accounts and their banking information. The attack was a surprise. Ukraine intelligence does not know exactly who performed the attack, but they have an idea that it came from Russia.

The Ukraine information center says, “It is not ruled out that the aggressor used tactics of little dirty tricks because its aggressive plans are not working out on a large scale”

The attack made it so people could not make payments or access their money. Those were not the only websites attacked, since the websites of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine were also attacked during the hack. Russia is known for using DDoS attacks in the past, so there are many eyes on Russia as of now. They were able to stop the attack.

One of the banking websites, Privatbank, says, “Managed to eliminate the consequences of the DDOS attack and restore the stable operation of systems.”

Also in Ukraine, Russia has sent its troops back to base. These troops were stationed across the border of Ukraine, exercising military activity. Experts are not sure what this means, and they have no idea where exactly the troops have been recalled to. This could many things, but it could be because of a leak that stated that Russia would be invading Ukraine this week. Could it be a change of tone or not?

“We’re going to monitor everything that we see on the ground very carefully. And of course, our goal is peace and to uphold the principle that you can’t redraw borders by force,” says Daleep Singh, the Deputy National Security Advisor.

Could tensions increase or decrease in the future? Nobody is sure for now, so we will have to stay on our feet in case anything happens.