Sea Levels on the Rise


The seas around the world are predicted to rise at an alarming rate in the future. This rise is being caused by global warming.

Due to the future projected rise in sea levels, flooding in coastal areas will become more destructive and powerful. Additionally, the rise in sea levels could also cause storms, like hurricanes, to become more powerful.

Andrea Dutton says, “The question is whether we continue to let houses slide into the ocean.”

Researchers have also said/noticed that flooding is also becoming a big problem, these floods are occurring on sunny days. The rise in sea level is the cause of this; moreover, the rise in sea level will cause minor floods to turn into more powerful floods.

“It’s going to be areas that haven’t been flooding that are starting to flood,” says William Sweet.

Scientists have predicted that the Eastern side of America will be heavily impacted by the rise in sea levels, but the Western side won’t be impacted as badly.

AP news says, “the coastal flooding the U.S. is seeing now ‘will be taken to a whole new level in just a couple of decades.”