Horry County Schools end Virtual Program in fall

Horry County School is the third largest school district in South Carolina and after 2 undecided votes, the majority decided on ending the Virtual Program in fall.

The board members were not on the same page however mostly agreed to end the programs. Lee James on Monday night’s work session presented barely 100 slides of the students performance for all grades which showed the range from the 2008 school year and from now (2021-2022) which shows that 40 percent of students enrolled in the virtual program are failing one or more courses.

James’ presentation showed that students in virtual learning are failing at higher rates compared to students enrolled in Brick and mortar.

Even though the board members decided to end virtual learning they will create a new program that’s more supportive for people at home.

Maxey said, “Some students are flourishing in the program,however the data shows there’s a problem because too many students are struggling”. Maxey also says, “ virtual data is not a reflection of the teachers, stating the efforts they’re making have been great with trying to help every student succeed in all learning environments”.