Young Women Living In NYC Is Stalked And Brutally Murdered!!


Assamad Nash, a 25-year old homeless career criminal, recently stalked and murdered 35 year old Christiania Yuna Lee.

Nash followed Lee home to her NYC apartment all without her knowing. After following her to her sixth-floor room, he aggressively assaulted and murdered her, leaving her several wounded body in the bathtub.

So much blood,” the building’s owner said. “My wife said I should call someone to clean all the blood but I’m going to clean it up myself. It’s the least I can do for that poor girl.”

Many neighbors said they heard the young women letting out violent screams and calling for help. 

“She was calling for help, screaming for help. I woke up to it. It was awful,” the 21-year-old neighbor said. “‘Help me! Call 911!’ — that’s exactly what she said over and over and over again.”

Nash has been previously charged with many different crimes but however managed to escape police on all three-charges. After taking away this innocent girl’s life, he will spend the rest of his suffering through prison and accepting what he did.

“It makes me sick to my stomach that tadgeys like this happen in our everyday life. My heart goes out to the victim and the victim’s family.” says Maddie Stevens.