Three Things I Love About Valentine’s Day


Three things I love about Valentine’s Day are spending time with my significant other, cute outfits, and giving gifts.


Spending time with my boyfriend is always fun and enjoyable, but Valentine’s Day makes it special. Since the day celebrates love, it makes it even more significant. Going to dinner, seeing a movie, or even spending time at home on Valentine’s Day with your significant other can make the day great. 


“It’s a great bonding time to sit back and relax and watch a movie, it’s a great time to enjoy the time we are together,” says Chelsey Shannon. 


Cute outfits are also something I love about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is usually associated with pink or red, and heart shaped things. Outfits can coordinate with the colors and shapes and instantly look cute. 


“I feel like Valentine’s colors are not usually cute, but you can make cute outfits that are also interesting. You can be creative with them,” says my classmate Jaden McBride. 


Lastly, giving gifts is one of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day. I love shopping and picking things out for other people, so when I have to shop for someone I especially love, it makes the holiday even more enjoyable. 


“I love making handmade gifts for my friends especially, it makes the holiday memorable,” says my classmate Emily Gardner.