The Three Best Things About Being Single On Valentine’s Day


The three best things about being single on valentines day.

The three things are, not having to spend money, not wasting time, not having to be loyal. I don’t know why but there’s so many couples out there wasting a ton of money on their date and i’m like who and why would someone wanna spend so much money on someone you might forget about in 3 years. “I wouldn’t wanna spend my hard working money on chocolate for someone” says adamariz. 

Not wasting time. Some people go shopping or to the movies or to dinner which is super cute but some of us could be out here having school work or actual work. We don’t like to waste time when there’s stuff that needs to get done. There’s a difference between wasting time and taking a break though. “ I work at McDonalds and I would rather work and get money, ” says adamariz. 

Not having to be loyal. I don’t know about everyone else but me personally i think it’s better to be chilling with friends or with a couple guys. I feel like if you’re in a loyal relationship you don’t have that much fun. Imagine having a partner that didnt like to party and you did , what if he doesn’t let you go?? There is just so much stuff that can go wrong. Better to stay social, chillin with everyone. “I would rather be a player than be loyal,” says ava.