Three Worst Places to go on Valentine’s Day

Three Worst Places to go on Valentines Day

The three worst places to go on Valentine’s day are the recycling center, McDonald’s, and a factory..

Personally, I would rather not go to the recycling center on Valentine’s day, since it smells and it is full of trash. I do not think that would be very romantic. 

“Why would anyone want to go to a recycling center on Valentine’s day,” says Graham Edwards.

McDonald’s has some good food, but not for Valentine’s day. I would rather not eat some McNuggets on Valentine’s day. Maybe if I got a happy meal it would make me happier. But McDonald’s is dirty and don’t think it would be a good restaurant to eat at during a date.

Jonathan Follrod says, “McDonald’s would not be a good place for a date”

The last place I or probably anyone would want to go on Valentine’s would be a factory. A factory would be horrible since they smell so bad. All the machines would be constantly running in the background. The factory would smell and reek of oil. I don’t know why anyone would want to go here unless you are crazy.

“A factory would be disgusting and dirty,” says Jonathan.