Being Single on Valentine’s Day is the WORST


Three reasons why being single on Valentine’s Day is the absolute worst.


All of the social media posts, being single on Valentine’s Day and seeing all of the posts of people with their significant others is extremely frustrating. Imagine you as a little kid seeing an ad for a toy, imagine you as a kid wanting that toy so bad, wanting it so much you’d do almost anything to get it.


But then, your parents tell you know and you just have to see other little kids playing with the toy and having so much fun with it. 


That is what single people feel like when they’re scrolling through social media post on Valentine’s Day. 


“The worst part about Valentine’s Day and being single is seeing all the posts of people looking so happy with their significant other,” says Camryn Navey. 


Another reason is when you see all of them chocolate and sweets at the grocery store. As a single person, you don’t have anyone to get you the chocolate, so you end up buying yourself the chocolate and telling the cashier it’s really for your mom. 


“When my single self strolls down the grocery store isles and the are filled with heart shaped chocolates it makes me wonder where did I go so wrong,” says single tennager Lauren Steele. 


Watching rom coms all by yourself while eating ice cream. 


Valentine’s Day ends with single people watching movies of romantic couples knowing that the feeling they get while watching the movie is as close as they will get to feeling like they are in a real relationship. 


And for that reason, they eat ice cream which makes them gain a few pounds, so not only are they reminded that they are single, they are also reminded that they are fat. 


“The worst part of Valentine’s Day, is the romantic movies that make you feel pathetic,” says Maryn Stevens.