Three Things I like about Valentine’s day.


Cute colors are everywhere.  If you like pink and red this is the day for you.  

“I actually adore wearing pink, especially magenta. But lately I’ve been feeling a very neutral vibe. I decided on a full monochrome cream look instead while opting for a dusty pink coat and a red lip. It nods to Valentine’s Day and arguably can be worn all year round,” says Kayla Short.

The next thing is all of the cute blankets that are super soft and the stuffed animals that are pink, white and red.  They are cheesy but they are cute. 

“The blankets are super cute,” says Brianna Whitecotton.

The last reason is that you can show love to anyone.  This holiday isn’t just for couples, it is also for family and friends. 

You can celebrate the day with your friends, family, and anyone you love. … No matter how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day 2022—perhaps with a romantic home-cooked meal or a fun car date idea—as long as it’s filled with lots of love and feel-good energy, then you’re doing February 14th right,” says Times Of India.