Three Good Gifts For Valentines day

Three Good Gifts For Valentines day

Three best  good gifts for valentines day for women would be chocolate, flowers or a promise ring.I  think chocolate would be a good one because all girls like chocolate and it is something simple and people can make it sweet and they can get them there favorite chocolate or favorite type of chocolate.

Layla says, “chocolate is a good thing for valentines day because chocolate is good and its something good girls can eat and they also feel loved. 

I think flowers is a another good gift because people have been giving flowers to the objects of their affection on Valentine’s Day. flowers could mean so much to women and they can be something that people think that would be a good thing for there room or there house.

Ayden says,” i think flowers are sweet and they can make a girl feel special because all women like flowers.

I think a promise ring is a good gift for valentines day because Promise rings make great Valentine’s Day gifts because they have more meaning behind a traditional jewelry gift. Promise rings are also very affordable and are just as luxurious as other fine jewelry pieces. Many jewelers make promise rings specifically for Valentine’s Day.

bri says,”promise rings are nice because its make the women feel that they are loved by the person who they love and they spent time and money trying to find the special one and that they can know that they love and care for them.